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We want to promote our wide range of ayurvedic products.

1 week ago   Gurgaon - 24.09km Unboxing & Reviews  Est. Budget: ₹900  -  ₹1,200 per Post
Hello Influencers, We are searching for anyone who can assist us in reaching the intended audience who fall under the health and wellness category.  An unboxing and explainer reel...
My Flower Tree

We are looking for female influencers

3 weeks ago   New Delhi - 34.06km Giveaways  Est. Budget: ₹560  -  ₹780 per Post
Hello Influencers, MyFlowerTree is looking for female influencers who can promote our various types of products. We will send you our latest package. We want you to create an unbox...
Simon Carter

Required male fashion influencers

1 month ago   Chandigarh - 39.48km Giveaways  Est. Budget: ₹800  -  ₹1,200 per Post
Simon Carter is looking for male fashion and lifestyle influencers who can promote their brands in a stylish manner. Only apply if you have previous experience working with clothin...
S.R Pvt Ltd

Required content creators

2 months ago   Chandigarh - 39.48km Sponsored Posts  Est. Budget: ₹800  -  ₹1,000 per Post
Hello,We are looking to collaborate with content creators who can promote our brand.

Get paid to promote our products !

3 months ago   Noida - 44.91km Brand Ambassador Programs  Est. Budget: ₹3,000  -  ₹5,000 per Campaign
We're looking for influencers to promote our product, Get Slim Juice. We're hoping you can help us reach the right audience, because we think it's a great product and we want to ge...
Bare Necessities

We're looking for influencers to help us promote our brand.

3 months ago   Delhi - 34.5km Unboxing & Reviews  Est. Budget: ₹3,000  -  ₹5,000 per Campaign
We're a small business trying to get off the ground, and we want to make sure we reach as many of our potential customers as possible. If you're interested in helping out with...
Ethnicity - Ethnic Wear

We are looking for female influencers to help promote our ethnic wear...

4 months ago   Chandigarh - 39.48km Full-Time Job  Est. Budget: ₹3,000  -  ₹5,500 per Post
We are looking for influencers to help promote our ethnic wear brand. We are seeking people who love fashion and can convey their love for fashion in a way that resonates with the...
Biotique - Advanced Ayurveda

Be An Influencer For Biotique and Earn Big Bucks

4 months ago   Delhi - 34.5km Giveaways  Est. Budget: ₹10,000  -  ₹15,000 per Post
We're looking for influencers who have a strong following on Instagram, YouTube and/or Facebook to promote our Biotique Sunscreen Lotion. If you think you can help us promote this...
Golden Sands Hotel Creek

Travel to Dubai! Promote our Hotel & get paid !

4 months ago   Delhi - 34.5km Full-Time Job  Est. Budget: ₹10,000  -  ₹15,000 per Post
We are looking for an influencer to help us market our hotel. We want you to show how amazing the hotel is, and we want you to share it with your audience.
Tyka Sports

Sports Influencer To Promote Our Brand

4 months ago   Delhi - 34.5km Affiliate Marketing  Est. Budget: ₹150  -  ₹250 per Post
Are you a sports influencer?  We're looking for a few people to promote our brand.  We're a company that makes sports apparel and accessories, but we want you to wear it in your vi...