About Selfieym

Connect & Collaborate

Are you an influencer?
If you are, this is your go-to platform to grab that opportunity to collaborate with brands and earn money in the process as well.

Or, Are you a brand itself?
If you are a brand, you are in the right place. We are here to bridge the gap between your marketing requirements and the right influencer to fulfill that requirement.

Selfieym.com is an Influencer Marketing platform. We are here to link brands and influencers and ease their procedure for collaborative work. Basically, we are here to make your work easy.

Finding the right person to market your product/service in this super-saturated era of Social Media has perhaps become the need of the hour for brands who want to fetch a genuine Return on Investment (ROI) from their marketing.

While It’s so essential to track down the right mix of talents and ethics in an influencer to trust your marketing with, it’s not an easy process. But, here at Selfieym.com, your work becomes super convenient. You can select and hire the desired influencer who meet your requirement and can genuinely trust your task on them.

Even for influencers who face difficulty in marketing their true skills and potential or are unable to draw in genuine and trustworthy brands, we are here to market you and turn you into a brand, thereby making your workload far more delegated.

 We are well aware that being an influencer requires that creative child inside of you to have a freeway of work since creativity cannot bloom under pressure. Therefore we are here to take away the logistical part from you so that you can only concentrate on your art and creation.

In this era of brands and companies chasing exponential growth, It’s indeed of great importance to utilise the vast potential of Social Media to educate and promote your brand to a strategically selected audience who are potential customers. For the same, working with influencers can boost up the returns as influencers have a pre-existing connection with their audience.