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Looking for beauty and lifestyle influencers Sponsored Posts Job

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Job Details/Aim of Campaign

You will have the exciting opportunity to promote ourplatform and its functionalities to your audience. We are looking forinfluencers from various niches, including beauty, wellness, lifestyle, andmore, who align with our brand values and can effectively communicate thebenefits of using Feelaxo.com.


1. Promotional Content Creation:

   - Create engagingand authentic content showcasing the features and advantages of Feelaxo.com.

   - Develop creativeposts, stories, and videos that resonate with your audience.


2. Social Media Engagement:

   - Share Feelaxo.comcontent on your social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,and others.

   - Engage with youraudience and encourage them to explore and use Feelaxo.com for their salon,spa, and wellness needs.


3. Customized Promo Codes/Links:

   - Provide youraudience with unique promo codes or referral links to incentivize them to useFeelaxo.com.


4. Collaboration with Feelaxo.com:

   - Stay in regularcommunication with our marketing team to align on campaign goals and promotionalactivities.

   - Share insights,feedback, and suggestions for optimizing influencer partnerships.

Company Description
Feelaxo.com is a leading online platform revolutionizing the beauty, spa, and wellness industry. We are dedicated to simplifying the booking process for salon and spa appointments, while also providing a platform for businesses to thrive. We're on the lookout for influencers to join us in spreading the Feelaxo.com magic far and wide.
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